Classic Builders is proud to reveal its Chy Winder Homeless centre project for Coastline Housing Services has been shortlisted for the highly-respected RICS Social Impact Award. The awards programme recognises the positive and transformational contribution that the built environment has on people’s lives across the United Kingdom.

The RICS Social Impact Awards assess the human, social and environmental impact, and the innovation and collaboration, that has gone into development and infrastructure projects across a range of prestigious UK construction projects. Spanning 12 regional areas, the awards were established in 2019 to generate greater attention and recognition for schemes which make a positive contribution to bettering the lives of the project’s end users.

Projects from the Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Heritage, Infrastructure, Land & Rural, Leisure, Residential and Student Accommodation sectors will be assessed at a local level before each region announces a winner. The regional victors will then be assessed and an overall winner will be crowned the RICS Social Impact Award Project of The Year.

Classic Builders worked closely with Trewin Design Architects, Coastline Housing Services and Randall Simmonds to deliver Cornwall’s most advanced homeless centre near Redruth. Designed and built to provide all the requirements needed by those finding themselves in a housing crisis, Chy Winder provides 18 self-contained living units, an up-skilling facility, moving-on units, medical surgery and IT facilities; setting a new industry standard for the provision of tackling homelessness in the United Kingdom. To read more about this specific Classic Builders project please view the case study here.