It started with a phone call for our dream to come true
Adam came up to visit to see what he could do!
The drawing were shown, quotes accepted and given
Classic Builders were ready, they were in position!


Andy and Jasper are the groundwork team
had their spades at the ready
and the mini digger’s on the drive
Get to it Jasper, come on
we go home at 5!
2 days left of hard graft
and the spades hit solid ground
Shush, now listen said Andy
that’s the “sound of the found!”


Their work was done
so they handed over to Fred
“the boss, the main man, the professional, enough said”
The blocks were delivered
Fred took control
The cement was mixed,
he was on a roll.
It soon became clear
Fred doesn’t mess about
This boss was the best
of that there is no doubt!


Tom and Dave were 2 chippies
on top of their game
cos it didn’t take them long
to put up the timber frame!
The joists were there,
the new floors going down
these “classic builders”
are the “best in town”.


He’ s here first in the morning
and he’s last to go at night
Watching Dean do his bricklaying
is truly perfection in sight!
Each brick is perfect, so straight, so true
The number 1 bricky
“Deano” that’s you!


And then there’s young Elliot
listen, learn, pick up the tricks of the trade
cos one day I’m sure you’ll be just as well paid!
Dave plays footy at the weekend
with his mates for a laugh
but he’s not as fast as he once was
mistimed a tackle & broke his leg in half!
Tom carried on without his mate
done the fascias & guttering
never ever turning up late!


Tony would drop by every day in his van
picking up and delivering materials
just as fast as he can.


The sparkies were called,
it was Keith and his son
No sooner they were in
lights and sockets were done!


Then at 8 in the morning,
there was a knock at the front door
Hi my name’s Keith
I’ve come to plaster your walls!
Mark done the coving
The skirting by Kiel
2 more of the “Classic Builders”
aka the real deal.
Back in the porch
Kieron has laid all the tiles,
As well as the grouting,
That bloke, he’s all smiles.


Fred would come by
almost every day
It was the professional touch,
That’s just his way!


Mark’s returned and asked
What do you want me to do?
I said these 3 walls
have to be painted duck egg blue.
The wall papering’s next,
so out comes the paste
The Missus has been to Laura Ashley
you can tell she’s got taste!


The plumber’s been called
both radiators are up
If Classic Builders played footy,
they’d win the World Cup!


Mark the roofer was the next man on call,
leadwork, roof tiles, gullies,
no problems at all.


Our thanks go to Adam and Fred
who employ a great bunch of lads,
who all take pride in their work
of which we both are so glad.
All the best for the future
and may Classic Builders continue to grow
cos whenever we need any more work doing
I’ll guarantee you’ll be the first to know!