Project; St. Anthony’s.

Location; Buckfast Abbey, Buckfastleigh, Devon.

Client; Buckfast Abbey Trustees.

Contract; In excess £2m.

Duration; 78 weeks.

Project Description;

Alteration and refurbishment project included works to a redundant factory, workshops and welfare facilities to convert into office space.

The building is an asset to the environment, now its life has been extended from a not so usable industrial space to a state of the art office complex.

The current occupants are, The Education Department, Building Department, Bursars Department, Garden Department, Hospitality Suite Accounts Department, Human Resources   Department, IT Department, Main Reception and Staff Canteen.

With the combination of the 90kw Hydro output, 23kw PV panels, rainwater harvesting, daylight saving lighting and massive amounts of insulation the St Anthony’s building is proving to be a very economic building to operate.