Project; Sports Hall.

Location; Coombe Dean School, Plymouth.

Client; Coombe Dean School.

Contract; £-.

Duration; -.

Project Description;

Work began in November 2012 on the redevelopment of the existing sports changing rooms which is covering three phases. The demolition of the existing changing rooms has started to create the space to bring the whole area into the 21st century!

In the first phase, the refurbishment provided purpose built ‘wet’ changing rooms with modern shower and changing facilities designed to separate outside sporting activities from the main building, with new external access. The second and third phases, works included the installation of a disabled lift to the first floor with a revamped fitness suite on the ground floor and new ‘dry’ changing rooms upstairs.

In addition, the new staff work room will provide a much improved work area. We hope that the new facilities will inspire more students, staff and the wider community to use the facilities and to build on the Olympic sporting legacy from this summer.

A statement from the school as follows;
Once again we are pleased to be working with Vickery Holman Property Consultants and Classic Builders, who have delivered such outstanding projects during the past two years”.

The statement can also be found on the school website.