Classic Builders is proud to reveal it has become the latest supporter of Plymouth’s Connie McLaughin.

Connie McLaughin, who is 16 and a dedicated road racing cyclist, is participating across a range of enduring competitive events. Her dedication and commitment caught the attention of Classic Builders whilst training for an upcoming Scottish race. 

The Youth Tour of Scotland is one of the toughest events in the junior road cycling calendar. Covering over 160 kilometres, the race sees cyclists from around the UK come together and compete over the challenging Perthshire Countryside. However, Connie McLaughin has had to work extremely hard in developing her talents and refining her skills to participate on a national level. The South West is acknowledged as having very few young female racing cyclists. As a result, Connie has received supportive coaching from Dartmoor Velo as well as British cycling (through Regional school of racing) and a number of other clubs. Thanks to Connie’s resilience and perseverance, she has found likeminded committed cyclists to train with and support her to develop her incredible racing skills.  

Connie explains more –  

“This year was my first full road racing season and I am happy to have got into the national school of racing within such a short time. Getting to events around the UK and buying all the equipment can be difficult, however, thanks to the incredible support from Classic Builders and a number of local groups I have been able to pursue cycling to a high level and continue to compete in ever challenging road events.”

Connie has recently moved into the Junior Road Cycling Category and is working her way up the rankings by competing in as many events as possible. Understanding and acknowledging the need for continual practice and commitment is what caught the attention of Classic Builders’ Director Fred Bennetton –

“It’s inspiring to see a young person be so dedicated to a tough sport such as road cycling. Working in construction is all about commitment, determination and realising the results of cumulative efforts. Connie demonstrates these qualities in her training and competing in race events. Because of this and our understanding of how much effort this truly takes we wanted to show our support to Connie and help her to continue her incredible journey. “

Classic Builders has purchased equipment for Connie so she can further develop her skills and continue competing in upcoming events. 

Everyone at Classic Builders would like to express their support for Connie and wish her the very best with her racing.

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